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I try to keep up with relevant news around the web and blogosphere, here are links to a few of this week's highlights:

The Coffeehouse Blog from the UK’s Spectator Says “Forget Mandarin. Latin is the key to success" . Thanks to Joe Carter at First Thoughts for posting that link.

Thomas Peters at caught the Catholic left-wing looking the other way rather than reporting on Lila Rose’s videos for Live Action which expose Planned Parenthood’s behaviors.

Peters also reported on a possible Eucharistic miracle at a Catholic school in Michigan.

This week’s Bishop’s Hour on 1310 AM includes guests from the Arizona Catholic Conference, 40 Days for Life, and Catholic Community Foundation.  Last week’s show had a Catholic Schools Week theme. Host Michael Dixon’s guests were from Seton Catholic Preparatory High School , Gina Keating  Children’s Faith Formation & Sacraments Coordinator at St. Theresa Parish in Phoenix and Eric Westby visits to talk about offerings at Kino Institute.

Mark Shea’s apologetics piece: Biblical Evidence for the Perpetual Virginity of Mary is well worth a few minutes to read.

Father Z. Reviewed the (Preparing to go to) Confession App for iPhone. He makes it abundantly clear that the iPhone cannot offer absolution, but it might help get you organized and prepared for the sacrament.

The Catholic Sun Blog reports that both St. Daniel the Prophet School and Queen of Peace School in Mesa face possible closure.

If you read anything newsworthy this week and would like to share it, feel free to put a link in the comments box.

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  2. Reginaldus

    I would offer a little commentary on the whole Live Action “sting” operations against Planned Parenthood.
    There has been a huge debate raging on-line about whether it is acceptable to lie in order to defeat the culture of death.

    The first article on the subject seems to have been published by The New Theological Movement:
    [see also,

    I have written a response to a couple of pro-LiveAction people as well:


  3. Captoe

    Fr. Reginaldus,
    Thanks for those links, I’ll confess to having fallen into the ‘justified means’ trap with regard to Live Action.

    Thanks! It might work out that way.