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The Friday Link Fry

Oh my... Catholic Key says:

abortion accounts for 60 percent of all deaths in New York City.

Read:  Christian Government Official Assassinated in Pakistan on Mere Comments

It’s first reconciliation season at Matthew Archbold’s house, on NCR: Oh my Gosh I Am Hardly Sorry for Having Upended Thee

Janet E. Smith has revised her talk Contraception: Why Not? and posted it at CERC.

You needed science to tell you this?:

Executive producer Ben Bowie said: ‘We found that it is actually close to impossible to fly a real house.’

Day #2: Homebrewer committed to 46 days beer-only fast styled after the monks of Paulaner reports a small headache.

Gayle Somers is blogging at Cor Ardens- Scripture Speaks, here is the entry for the first Sunday in Lent

Justice Alito was the dissenting opinion in the Westboro Baptist Church free speech case.  William Murchison says he was right on The American Spectator.

Jean-Rémy Duboc at Productive Catholic gives you 5 ways to put “becoming a saint” at the top of your to-do list

#2 Prioritize everything according to the “sainthood rule”

NPR: Your Tax Dollars at Work via The American Catholic by Donald R. McClarey.

The American Catholic had a humorous post yesterday:  Top Ten Rejected Shows at EWTN

Michael Barber, writing for The Sacred Page presents The Biblical Rationale for Lent and Its Origins in the Early Church: Addressing the Scandals of Mardi Gras

Niall Ferguson at Newsweek  wrote Men Without Women The ominous rise of Asia’s bachelor generation. I saw that at Mere Comments

"Imagine 10 cities the size of Houston populated exclusively by young males."

From The Washington Post (explicit language) reporting on a nationwide survey of sexual behavior via a First Things post;  some cynics might be surprised to learn this part:

“Many, many young people have been very receptive to the message of delaying sexual activity,” Albert said. “There’s no doubt about it.”


Paul Krugman questions the value of a college degree. Well, he’s catching up, but still behind.

UPDATE: Carl Stritter emails: “Every time Paul Krugman sits down at his typewriter he proves that a college degree is valueless.” Heh.

News is the Junk Food of the Mind via Joe Carter at First Things.  Hmmm, I think I’ll stop now.

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