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The Friday Link Fry

Steven Greydanus reviews The Rite – in 30 seconds! for in a video...  in rapped verse... and in only 30 seconds. He also suggests that you give Red Riding Hood a pass.

They're unlikely to meet in the NCAA basketball finals;  Iowahawk matches up the education systems of Texas and (progressive, unionized) Wisconsin:

Longhorns 17, Badgers 1

Middlemarch Madness:  The tournament is in the third round -  not basketball, the The Tournament of Novels 2011 (First Thoughts)

In the Diocese of Albany: Stations of the Cross - Now with Added  Clowns (WDTPRS?)

Curt Jester reports that (Jesuit) Boston College's dining halls serve meat on Fridays during Lent and yet has introduced  Meatless Mondays “in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.”

CatholicVote links to a list of  "Objectionable" charities as published by the Bishops of ND.  Thomas inserts his own list.  Lifehacker is doing the same thing from another viewpoint in How to Give to Japanese Recovery Efforts Without Getting Scammed. (edit: repaired link)

Fallible Blogma asks: Which Monk are You? (I can see myself in these sandals)

Four monks took a vow of silence. When night came, one of them said, “Fix the lamps.” The second replied, “We are not supposed to speak.” The third said, “Stupid fools! Why did you talk?” The fourth said to himself in silence, “I am now the only one who has not spoken.”

Liturgical Music Suckage from Mark Shea.

The Crescat says

Me giving up drinking for Lent is a penance I give to those around me.

Fr. Z's Lenten Soup

Why Moses and Elijah appeared at the Transfiguration (rather than Abraham or Isaiah), On the Gospel for the 2nd Sunday of Lent (Reginaldus at The New Theological Movement)

Scripture Speaks Second Sunday in Lent, 2011

Part of another interesting series Augustine’s Confessions: Growing Up Human at The American Catholic.

Lent, Why Must You Tagalong? From GraphJam, who knows that Venn diagrams can be funny and pie charts can be crass.

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