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The Friday Link Fry

What confused Mary about the Annunciation by Fr. 'Reginaldus' on The New Theological Movement

As if I wasn't already short on time: Japan quake shortened earth's days.

Pat Archbold in NCR: I Was Born This Way You need to read the whole article to know what "way" that is.

Baby Joseph update (FOX).

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education is in the NCR's  "Course Correction"

Bring back the biretta: why hatless priests should reclaim their heritage. (UK Telegraph)

Chuck Colson on sports and integrity. No Act of Integrity Goes Unpunished

For your "God Works in Mysterious Ways" files: "Falling Cow Country Wine Festival"

Fr. John Ehrich, via Little Catholic Bubble: St. Joe’s: Saving the Lives They, Um, Can?

Now that St. Joseph’s Hospital is no longer Catholic it is interesting to see how they are responding to that reality. Given that they were Catholic for so long one might think they would work to repair their relationship with Bishop Olmsted? Not happening. Maybe they would take some time to reflect on the fact that an apostle has rebuked them publicly and warned Catholics that he cannot assure them that they will receive authentic Catholic healthcare at St. Joseph’s? No, not that either.

Wife, mom, avid reader mourns loss of bookstore (re: Borders on AZCentral) Thanks to Kim K.

Taylor Marshall writes about John Paul II's desire for confessions during Mass.

American Life League says that there are moral difficulties in the POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment)  Law being introduced in Wisconsin under the guise of "compassion and dignity". The law is being touted by the organization formerly known as the Hemlock Society.

Want to know how small is a small Lenten meal? Why do we abstain? Do Sundays count? Visit Jimmy Akin's collection of informative links he calls the Annual Lent Fight.

WHY I USED NOT TO VOTE AND AM NOW GOING TO START From Shirt of Flame, the CAPS are hers - I'm not shouting. Thanks to Deacon D.

We Have an Illegal War says Ben Stein. Joe Biden says "War without Congressional approval warrants impeachment." Oh, wait, that was 2007, sorry.

The Catholic Sun Blog recommends Archbishop Dolan's recent "An Airport Encounter".

HB 2443, a  bill that would ban abortions for reasons of race or gender selection has passed and is on  Governor Brewer's desk.

At risk of giving an added voice to slander: Fr. Corapi is accused of improprieties, placed on leave, and says:

All of the allegations in the complaint are false, and I ask you to pray for all concerned.

Why I am Catholic Blog  has For 10 Things To Do While Fr. Corapi is on Leave Thanks to Rob

WDTPRS POLL: How is your Lent going so far? Part I

Fr. Dwight Longenecker asks "Do Beautiful Churches Produce Vocations?" Hat Tip: DPJ

This is my theory: sacrifice much to build a beautiful church and you will find that your children will sacrifice much to become the priests, brothers and sisters to fill that church for a next generation.

The American Catholic continues reading Augustine’s Confessions: Sin for the Sake of Sin

The First Thoughts 2011 Tournament of Novels crowned its champion. (There's always next year.)

Jay is on Day 16 of his monkish Doppelbock-only Lent.  He and his doctor are watching the blood numbers, and he's lost some weight but the main problem seems to be boredom.

Father C. John McCloskey on Rediscovering a Warrior for the Faith Hilaire Belloc: Prophet for Our Times

The Stations of the Cross - Now with added yoga! (WDTPRS?)

Thanks to numerous collaborators, both the witting and the otherwise.

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