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The Benefits of Daily Mass for Children

As Catholics, we are all aware of the serious nature of the eternal future of our own souls, but how much do we really think about the grave responsibility we have for the care of the souls of our children?  As parents we easily prioritize our children’s temporal needs:  love, protection, food, shelter, good health care, education, extracurricular activity, socialization.  Any one of these offers a myriad of opportunities that can direct and mold our child into the kind of adult they will become.  The same applies to the spiritual formation of our children.  In essence, we hold the key that unlocks the potential for success as both earthly adults and as saints.  What better opportunity is there then to make daily Mass a part of their lives?  

Children respond best to routines.  Consider if you will the healthy patterns you may have already established in your life.  Do they resemble anything from your childhood? 

As children, we implicitly trusted the guidance of our parents.  We believed anything Dad and Mom explained, we mirrored their political positions in life, and we even wanted to dress like them.  We went to Mass every Sunday with them.  Chances are if you went to daily Mass as a child, you are likely doing that now, as well.  If daily Mass is a new or even an established practice in your life, consider taking your children with you.  This will prepare them for sainthood.       

The power we receive in our lives from frequent attendance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass far surpasses any other action we can choose on the path to sanctification.  I have heard it called next to the Our Father, the perfect prayer. It is here in Mass that we encounter Jesus through the Word; in praise, adoration and thanksgiving; in the redemptive sacrifice of His death upon the cross, and in the source and summit of Christian life as we receive the Eucharist, the Most Precious Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  To share this often with our children offers them this same opportunity for sanctification. 

But daily Mass attendance reaps many practical benefits as well.  Daily Mass allows you a better opportunity to teach as you attend without distracting others around you.  A little whisper to your young son to watch the priest’s every move as he prepares to consecrate the host gives a greater opportunity for him to ponder a future vocation.  Just as our children watch us in everything we do, so do they also watch the priest in everything that he does on the altar.  The silence and concentrated efforts of presenting the essence of the Mass allow for a greater understanding of what is happening.  The lack of liturgical music fosters a quiet reverence within the heart of the child, which establishes a pattern for Sunday Mass as well.  Above all else, a daily Mass even just one extra day a week gives the message to your children that worshipping God in His house beyond Sunday is important.  It relays the importance of frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist and promotes a greater understanding of prayer and of the Liturgy, itself.     

During this season of “First Sacraments,” consider taking your first communicant to daily Mass just as soon as possible after his big day.  The impression and memory of this one extra visit, if not several daily Masses between his First Holy Communion and the next Sunday Mass will remain with him forever.  

In my own family, I have seen these benefits come full circle.  Through frequent attendance of daily Mass, the patterns have been set, and my adult child tells me how much more he enjoys daily Mass attendance while at the university.  My graduating senior insists that it nurtures a greater understanding of what Mass is really all about.  My younger children ask to go often if we have not been in a few days.  And my youngest son, who just received his Sacrament of First Reconciliation, confided in me that his fears about it had left him because he had offered his daily Masses for the purpose of his big day.       

St. John Vianney, patron saint of priests, had a profound understanding of Mass attendance and beautifully describes our sanctification through the frequent reception of Holy Communion:

O my children, how beautiful will a soul be in eternity that has worthily and often received the good God! The Body of Our Lord will shine through our body, His adorable Blood through our blood; our soul will be united to the Soul of Our Lord during all eternity. There it will enjoy pure and perfect happiness. My children, when the soul of a Christian who has received Our Lord enters paradise, it augments the joy of Heaven. The Angels and the Queen of Angels come to meet it, because they recognize the Son of God in that soul. Then will that soul be rewarded for the pains and sacrifices it will have endured in its life on earth. My children, we know when a soul has worthily received the Sacrament of the Eucharist, it is so drowned in love, so penetrated and changed, that it is no longer to be recognized in its words or its actions. . . . It is humble, it is gentle, it is mortified, charitable, and modest; it is at peace with everyone. It is a soul capable of the greatest sacrifices; in short, you would not know it again.

St. John Vianney’s amazing description of the sanctified soul can more than be attained through frequent Mass attendance.  But regarding entry into heaven, of course, Our Lord Jesus Christ said it best:  “"Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

May we prepare our children for heaven in these ways, by bringing them often to daily Mass! 


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  1. Titus

    The lack of liturgical music

    Unless, of course, you go to daily Mass at a parochial school: then you get eight years of warbling guitar music. Or was that just the early ’90s?

    That aside, weekday Mass attendance can of course be highly advantageous.


  2. Sparki

    Titus, it might have just been the early 90s. Our parish school has Mass with Sister Mary playing the old pipe organ, and the 5th-8th graders who can sing leading hymns from the choir loft. My oldest is in the Schola and loves it.

    I think daily Mass has been wonderful for my kids. I wish I could go, too, but with my commute, I miss all the Mass times in my home town and there are no noon Masses within a half hour of my office, so I can’t go on my lunch hour.


  3. Mindyleigh

    The other day, my three year old was walking through the house all day singing, “Blood, blood, blood, you take away the sins of the mommy bird.” :-) Yes, daily Mass is one of the main reasons we homeschool. We do have a wonderful Catholic school in town but Mass only happens once a week.


  4. Julia

    Some parishes have a late afternoon daily Mass, so even children who are in school could attend. My parish has one evening Mass a week, and a number of families attend who cannot go to the morning daily Masses. As a young single woman, I am always gratified to see the families who make a point of going to those evening Masses, after long days at work or school.

    Another benefit is that Confession is available in some parishes before or after every daily Mass. Even if it is not offered the priest may be open to hearing the confession of someone who requests the Sacrament. This becomes especially important in adolescence and the teenage years, so that a young person would not have to remain in a state of sin until a convenient Saturday. With a good model from his parents, he would connect the two Sacraments in his mind and would be able to reap the immense and innumerable benefits of frequent and regular confession.


  5. margie

    I homeschooled my older son for 6 years and he went to daily mass with me. It was a good experience in many ways. He did not get out of the habit of getting up early in the morning. He got to know some of the older parishioners who asked the pastor if it was OK if they taught him how to serve mass. Both of my boys have no problem going to mass occasionally on a weekday, because both my husband and I stress the practicing our faith is not something we just do on Sunday.


  6. Mary Jo

    Our family attends daily Mass at 6:30am everyday, including my husband who then goes to work. Our 15 yr. old son serves and he feels that maybe he is being called to the priesthood. Thanks be to God! Perhaps the girls will be called to religious life, or maybe all of them will be called to a Holy marriage. We pray for God’s will in all things and are so grateful that we can begin each day receiving the Lord and praising Him for the opportunity to be together with Him. I can’t encourage young mothers enough to take their children to Mass.



  8. Mary

    My son received his First Holy Communion on May 11th and the next day was Sunday so he received again. The priest said, so today is your second Holy Communion! I told my son, you don’t have to wait until next week to receive again you can always go during the week. He went the next day and every day after that because he said he wants to receive Jesus every day of his entire life. How precious is that? Thank you God!!!