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The Friday Link Fry

Good advice from the father of twins:  Have More Kids. Pay Less Attention to Them. (WSJ)

There's a pre production video blog from the set of The Hobbit on Peter Jackson's facebook page.

Station III: Mini Fig Jesus Falls the First Time

Stations of the Cross, Now In Lego MiniFigs

Video: Navy Laser Sets Ship on Fire (Wired)

Say It Ain't So, Sheriff Joe (The Atlantic)

Expose and defund Planned Parenthood includes links to write your representatives. Go send a letter, we'll wait for you. Abortion and the Negation of Love Joe Carter on First Things On The Square

the abortions continue. Not because we live in a culture of death but because we live in a culture of me.

Archbishop Charles Chaput on Politics and the Devil Thomas Peters calls it a Must Read.

Can Unborn Children Feel Pain? Joe Carter on First Thoughts Do you write in your own books? Margin notes? underlining? WDTPRS? poll here.

Archbishop Dolan reminds us that when priests fall, scandalize and disappoint us, it's nothing new - they're human and as such they've been letting us down since Gethsemane.

Ontological Splendor: Flannery O’Connor in the Protestant South (First Principles Journal ISI)

I won't even honor the latest "discovery of nails from Jesus' cross" with a link but this is what I wrote the last time this same guy had "surprising new findings" during Lent. Mark Shea shares my skepticism.

Another day older and deeper in debt. The US deficit, put to music. Iowahawk, by way of American Thinker.

Which Is Better? Easter or Christmas?

The Smell Factor Edge - Christmas

If you misplace a Christmas present only to find it a few months later, it is a pleasant surprise. A misplaced Easter egg found after a few months, not so much.

Abundant Life and Conception at Accepting Abundance.

Cheap wine 'good as pricier bottles' - blind taste test (BBC) Via Lifehacker Why veil the cross and other images during Passiontide?

Classical Rhetoric 101: The Five Canons of Rhetoric- Memory

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea

What's more dangerous than kids riding minibikes and kid sized ATVs?  Kids riding adult sized vehicles because CPSIA (the lead-free toy legislation) bans properly sized vehicles since they are 'Toys' and batteries and other vehicle parts contain lead. Via Overlawyered. Did I miss an epidemic of lead poisoning caused by 9-year-olds sucking on battery terminals?

By way of Mark Shea: Courageous Priest writes How Harry Potter Corrupts Our Children. The American Chesterton Society responds, including this among other good points:

I charitably invite Harry haters to try something really radical: read the books.

Chief Sitting Bull - Catholic Convert

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea

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