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The Friday Link Fry

Rocker Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Haunted by Girlfriend’s Abortion (Lifesite)

25 Manners Every Kid Should Know By Age 9 at Shine from Yahoo (Thanks, Emily B. {not Emily P.})

Sports anchor fired after backing true marriage (Lifesite, thanks to Alishia)

How Easter Killed My Faith in Atheism (WSJ Thanks, Bette) (with a tip of the saturno to Fr. V.)

Fr. Dwight Longenecker on the film There Be Dragons

Patriarch Gregorios III asks West not to support Middle Eastern Revolutions (Catholic

My God, my God! Why have you unfriended me? and other bible verses rephrased for the modern lingo for a contest at (The Week.)

Five myths about church and state in America (WaPo) Via First Things

Max Lindenman The Confessor Who Laughs (on Patheos)

When examining your conscience prior to confession, try to work in a punch line.

In defense of my big truck (Accepting Abundance)

Enchanted by Charter Schools (American Spectator) Liberals in AZ seeking to form new state (American Thinker)

Maybe they can be persuaded to form their own country instead:

How to Shoot a Rifle

Simcha Fischer on NCR: Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions About Your Big Family

Narcissism in Music (or, “How Gregorian Chant can Save the World”) (The American Catholic)

BBC New Religion? If the Beeb can be a religion, anything can be a religion.

Divining Doomsday: An Old Practice With New Tricks (NPR) covers people saying they've figured it out, the rapture is scheduled for May 21st.

Book on Amazon calls a study of 500,000 internet users' clicks and searches A Billion Wicked Thoughts. (Only a billion?)

PCUSA Drops Sexuality Standard First Thoughts

The "Sitting Is Killing You" Infographic Shows Just How Bad Prolonged Sitting Is (Lifehacker)

(Instapundit:) WELCOME BACK CARTER: Unemployment? Inflation? Stagflation? Yes, it’s Sucking in the ’70s once again, to coin an album title.

The newly relaunched (CRISIS Magazine) has Six Rules for Facebook by Danielle Bean and Private Charity Versus Government Welfare by Fr. C. J. McCloskey III

"Jetman" Yves Rossy made his initial U.S. jet-pack flight above the Grand Canyon on Tuesday morning 5/10. Click through to (PopSci)  for video of the 8 minute flight.

Remind you of anything?

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  1. April

    Thank you for posting the youtube of Pope Leo XIII.
    What a great point the good priest who tipped us off on the existence of this clip, to be able to look at the past and imagine Pope Leo XIII waving to us who are in the (his) future, yet we all stand withinin time and space, ever changing in God’s Kingdom. And the Church remains true and constant. Praise be to God.


  2. Captoe

    April, You’re welcome, and yes, that good priest had a point.

    When I first watched that clip, I wondered what Pope Leo XIII was thinking at the time. He seems to be sending his greetings and his blessings through the camera.