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The Friday Link Fry – School’s Out Edition

Was St. Joseph present at the Visitation? (Fr. Reginaldus @ The New Theological Movement) Benedict XVI: John Paul II Was Gift to Church

VATICAN CITY, JUNE 1, 2011 ( As the month of May came to an end Tuesday, Benedict XVI expressed gratitude that the Marian month began with the beatification of Pope John Paul II, who he called "a great gift of grace for the whole Church."

The Pope said this Tuesday evening in the Vatican Gardens at a traditional Marian celebration to conclude the month of May.

The Pontiff urged the faithful to "join our voices to Mary's, in her own canticle of praise [...] for the wonders [God] continues to do in the life of the Church and of each one of us."

"In particular," he added, "it has been and continues to be for all of us a motive of great joy and gratitude, to have begun this Marian month with the memorable beatification of John Paul II. What a great gift of grace for the whole Church was the life of this great Pope!

"His testimony continues to illumine our lives and drives us to be true disciples of the Lord, to follow him with the courage of faith, to love him with the same enthusiasm with which he gave his own life."

A spry looking JPII takes a little B.P.: [Edit: Please see the comments below where Fr. Reginaldus indicates that this video is faked. Sorry.]

Priest Slain in Tijuana

TIJUANA, Mexico, MAY 30, 2011 ( The Archdiocese of Tijuana reported Friday that one of its priests has been killed in an act of violence.

The death of Father Salvador Ruiz Enciso was announced with "great sorrow and consternation" by Archbishop Rafael Romo Muñoz.

The priest had disappeared sometime after celebrating Mass on Sunday, May 15.

The priest's body was found early May 23, already showing signs of decay, and later confirmed through DNA testing. He was bound and blindfolded and had a wound in the neck.

Unraveling the ELCA (Russell E. Saltzman on First Things)

The Ascension of Our Lord (Scripture Speaks)

Scripture readings for Sunday: Seventh Sunday of Easter Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

You should brush up on these:  Skill Builder: Knife Skills 101 (Make Magazine) Before you get one of these: Video: Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer Visits PopSci to Show Off His Chops (PopSci)

Saint Ignatius of Loyola and St. John Chrysostom each strike a pose, and a heretic, on LOLSaints

5 Classic Cocktails Every Man Should Know (Art of Manliness)

Not Whether to Help the Poor, But How (Fr. Sirico on Acton Institute)

SALARIES: 77,000 Federal Employees Paid More Than Governors.

“More than 77,000 federal government employees throughout the country — including computer operators, more than 5,000 air traffic controllers, 22 librarians and one interior designer — earned more than the governors of the states in which they work. (Washington Times Via Instapundit)

Colbert's Cloak and Dagger Catechesis (Matt Emerson on Patheos) Mark Shea chimes in with some related embedded video.

Mother of Steve Tyler’s aborted baby is now pro-life (Catholic Vote)

Time Lapse Video of the construction of the London Aquatic Center for the 2012 Olympic Games. (BBC)

General Longstreet, Catholic Convert, Husband of “The Fighting Lady”

General Longstreet, Convert

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  1. Titus

    ““one of the finest fighting forces the world has ever known.””

    Well, in raw terms of effectiveness, the superlative is certainly called for. When scaled for technology, however, one could make reasonable comparisons with the Roman Republic, the Knights of Malta, certain units of Polish hussaria, Le Grande Armee in 1811, the Royal Navy under Nelson, or the Prussian Army in 1870. That comparison would actually be quite an interesting exercise.

    That said, you don’t exactly expect the President to engage in that sort of comparison in a Memorial Day speech.


    1. Captoe

      There is an interesting conversation to be had if the context is right: “Could Nelson’s Royal Navy beat today’s USMC on some sort of imaginary leveled field?”
      It’s like “Could the ’41 Yankees beat the ’98 Yankees?”

      But from the Commander in Chief on Memorial Day? That disappoints.


  2. Bette

    I loved watching JPII in the batting cage! He was so awesome! He never got too big to act normal and have fun, what a great example.


    1. Reginaldus

      I do hope all realize that the JP II “batting practice” is a spoof.

      Pope John Paul II was certainly spry, but he was never really videoed hitting baseballs. [the outfits of the "clergy" are a dead give-away ... also, the guy doesn't sound at all like JP II, esp at the end]

      Still, Bette is right on … he was a great blessing to the whole Church and one of the most joyful people you could ever hope to meet!


  3. Bette

    I thought it was real! I was totally fooled. Duh. But he was great, I hope the sneaking out of the Vatican to ski stories are true!


    1. Reginaldus

      No worries! The first time I saw it (over a year ago), I also thought it was real! In fact, a friend of mine only refrained at the last minute from emailing the video to a very prominent Catholic writer (who is also a big baseball fan) — it would have been quite funny if he had sent that email!
      [thank goodness, it is easy to take stuff off of face-book though!]

      Peace and blessings to you! [and praise to Him for the gift of humility!] :)


      1. Captoe

        Well, consider me gifted anew with humility. :) Again. :)

        Thanks for the information, Father.

        I found this video on CatholicVote, and they were actively vouching for its authenticity last week, but as of today they’ve taken it down.