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The Friday Link Fry – The Bilocated edition

Converts vs. 'Cradle Catholics' (David Gibson on WSJ)

Catholic Converts (a list by Donald R. McClarey on The American Catholic)

(Insight Scoop) and (First Things) both linked to Rethinking Chesterton By Jay Parini (in The Chronicle of Higher Education)

How I Became a Dad (Matt Archbold NCR)

Change (Max Lindeman goes to an AA meeting and subsequently drops the ball on the whole "Anonymous" thing.)

Some non-canonical reactions to Fr. Pavone’s latest statement (Canonist Dr. Ed Peters' blog In the Light of the Law)

Perez Hilton vs Catholic Mom Stacy Trasancos (Datechguy)

'Moneyball' Review (Steven Greydanus on NCR)

Phases of the Oreo

I Find a Waxing Crescent to Be Most Delicious (GraphJam)

Lux Central: My first visit and some camera phone photos (Arizona Coffee)

St. Padre Pio da Pietrelcina September 23rd and St. Vincent de Paul September 27th (American Catholic Saint of the Day feature) Some thoughts on bilocation (Fr. Erlenbush on TNTM)

Is God Fair? Round Two: The 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time (The Sacred Page)

Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time- September 25, 2011 (Scripture Speaks)

Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 136 (USCCB readings)

Language of Beauty – part 2: Beauty and Goodness (Peter Kreeft at CERC)

Gendercide - 37 Million Girls Killed in China Alone (Aggie Catholics)

Home Bible Study Fined By City For Meeting In California (Aggie Catholics)

The Gentlemanly Art of the Insult (George Weigel on CERC)

What are the chances that the Cosby sweater comes up two weeks in a row?

Janis Joplin sings 'Cry Baby' (YouTube)

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