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The Friday Link Fry – Power and Glory edition

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 158 Mass readings from (USCCB) [Audio]

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time—November 18, 2012 by Gayle Somers (Scripture Speaks)

Today, Jesus describes a cataclysmic future event in a very old way. Why?

Hope in Tribulation: November 18th 2012 - Thirty-third Sunday Ordinary Time (St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology) [Audio]

The Presentation of Mary

16 November: Saint Margaret of Scotland or Saint Gertrude the Great, virgin - Optional Memorial 17 November: Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, religious - Memorial 18 November: Dedication of the basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles - Optional Memorial 18 November: Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, virgin - Optional Memorial 21 November: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Memorial 22 November: Saint Cecilia - Memorial

"On this rock I will build my Church" (BENEDICT XVI GENERAL AUDIENCE) Better Than Nothing Marc Barnes of (Bad Catholic)

To commit the sin of wrath or anger, a man doesn’t have to do anything, he merely has to lose something — his temper. He breaks, he snaps, he “gives in”, all of which merely points out the obvious, that he stops doing something. There is no boldness in wrath, any more than there is in rot, though they amount to the same thing, an acquiescence into Nothingness.

The Church Opposes Science: The Myth of Catholic Irrationality by Christopher Kaczor (CERC)

"The 'Catch-22' of the Contraceptive Mandate" - Richard Doerflinger at Franciscan

Scientism and God's Existence: A Commentary by Fr. Barron

Fulton Sheen on Contraception

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