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The Friday Link Fry – The “Leave the Ninety-Nine in the Desert” edition

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Lectionary: 132 Mass readings from (USCCB) [Audio]

Seeking the Lost: Scott Hahn Reflects on the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time [Audio] (St. Paul Center for Biblical Theolgy)

Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time—September 15, 2013 (Scripture Speaks)

The religious elites of Jesus’ day complained because He ate with sinners. He is still doing that in the Mass. Why?

Ordinary Time: September 13th Memorial of St. John Chrysostom, bishop and doctor (Catholic Culture)

13 September: Saint John Chrysostom, bishop and doctor - Memorial
14 September: Triumph of the Holy Cross - Feast
15 September: Our Lady of Sorrows - Memorial
16 September: Saints Cornelius, pope, and Cyprian, bishop, martyrs - Memorial
17 September: Saint Robert Bellarmine, bishop and doctor - Optional Memorial
19 September: Saint Januarius, bishop and martyr - Optional Memorial

Fr. Barron comments on The Childfree Life

How did the Old Testament canon develop?

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