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Bobby is the president of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network, as well as the brother of Terri. He talks today about Sen. Jeff Flake’s comments on Face the Nation about Terri being a “wedge issue” for conservatives, as well as some other details and misconceptions about the case. The sponsor for this episode […] Read more...

Rob is a blogger at “Wisdom and Folly (But Mostly Folly)” who talks with Doug about his conversion and his recent trip to assist Joseph Sciambra in his outreach. This week’s sponsor is Connolly Asset Management-Visit them for investment advisory services, retirement planning and life insurance. Remember, financial stability starts with you! Please rate us […] Read more...

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Steve is the founding publisher of One Peter Five, a website whose mission is “Rebuilding Catholic Culture, Restoring Catholic Tradition”. Steve talks about some of the problems facing the Church and society. [This is a reposting of the Dec. 2016 interview with Steve. To make a long story short, it was taken down for tweaking […] Read more...

The guest this week is Andrew, who talks about his relationship with pornography and same-sex attraction, as well as chastity and his conversion. He can be found online at the Catholic Speakers Association website and through Pursuit of Truth Ministries. The sponsor for this week is liturgicalcalendars.com-Modern calendars for a timeless faith. Please rate us […] Read more...

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