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Thanks to the generosity of a Catholic Phoenix contributor (I deliberately refrained from using the modifier regular in order to guilt him into contributing more frequently for our readership’s edification), a Catholic Phoenix ad appeared in the diocesan publication The Catholic Sun. It’s official: we’ve advertised. We’ve advertised because we would like to reach as […] Read more...

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Sometimes contributors to Catholic Phoenix ask me for ideas about what to write. I tell them that because they’re Catholic, they don’t have far to look. The basics and the fundamentals of our Catholic faith are perennially fruitful topics. Think about it. The creeds and the catechisms supply Catholic bloggers with a wealth of subjects […] Read more...

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This morning’s Wall Street Journal contained an article about the importance of handwriting in the mental development of children. Although we live in an age permeated with keyboards, touchpads, and other devices that might make one think pencil and paper are now anachronisms, learning to write by hand seems to be indispensable to forming a […] Read more...

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Tattoos. Viagra. Costco and Starbucks. And even hot pants. These are just some of the material delights of post-Christian America that our fearless contributors here at Catholic Phoenix have posted on recently, as they have sought to start conversations among each other and with you readers about what it means to live as a faithful […] Read more...

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