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When Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Nevares came to our tiny parish for Confirmation this weekend, I wasn’t expecting any surprises.  The candidates—a mixture of 9 year olds, teenagers, and one adult—were lined up correctly and dressed up nicely; the associate pastor, who had personally instructed the candidates all year, prompted the bishop with their names when […] Read more...

TAGS: Catechesis, Charity, Spiritual Life

Being on short-term leave from work with restrictions on physical activity is a novel experience for me.  I imagine friends and family are taking bets to see when I’ll crack from cabin fever, but I think I’ve hit on a remedy for this disease. It’s called an honest day’s work. I am fortunate that my […] Read more...

TAGS: Charity, Spiritual Life

On that fateful morning, Catholic Chaplain and Lieutenant j.g. Aloysius H. Schmitt—a.k.a. Father Al—had just heard confessions and celebrated Mass for his Catholic compatriots aboard the USS Oklahoma, docked at Pearl Harbor., After the first Japanese torpedoes hit, Father Al immediately went to the ship’s sickbay to help with the wounded and dying. As the […] Read more...

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The Sunday before Thanksgiving is the annual CCHD collection in the Diocese of Phoenix. CCHD is the USCCB’s domestic grant awarding anti-poverty program. They’re a sort of a United Way within the Conference of Bishops in the US. The acronym is for “Catholic Campaign for Human Development,” not for “Catholic Cash Helping Democrats” as it […] Read more...

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