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Dear Denys: I am a choir director in a thriving suburban parish.  Our choir is large and it always sounds great.  You should hear our full-on, organ-plus-orchestra rendering of “Mass of Creation”–it sounds like Handel!  But there’s one problem: the women outnumber the men in our choir three-to-one.  There have to be more guys out […] Read more...

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One Sunday I was sitting in the comfy pews of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Phoenix feeling a little ashamed of myself for wishing that Fr. John Muir was the celebrant. He is young and intelligent, theologically sound, joyful and loving, patient and kind, ordained only three years ago as a diocesan priest, […] Read more...

TAGS: Bishop Olmsted, Community, Liturgy, Phoenix, Saints, Spiritual Life

This morning’s Wall Street Journal contained an article about the importance of handwriting in the mental development of children. Although we live in an age permeated with keyboards, touchpads, and other devices that might make one think pencil and paper are now anachronisms, learning to write by hand seems to be indispensable to forming a […] Read more...

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Alcohol and bonfires hearken back to some powerful memories of my college days, evenings spent with good company on the beach around a blazing fire, trying to keep warm in the traditional Bacchic fashion, while engaging in great conversation with good friends. Primal things were wont to happen around the fire, like the sacrificial burning […] Read more...

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