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Christianity: it’s a religion for whiners. Here’s Moses in Monday’s OT reading: “What did I do to deserve the burden of all these people? Did I give birth to them? Did I bring them into the world? Why did you tell me to carry them in my arms like a mother carries a nursing baby?…If […] Read more...

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The first three gospels describe the Last Supper as a Passover meal. The gospel of John indicates that the Passover is not observed by temple officials until after the trial before Pilate. Which account is factually correct–or could they be reconciled? The Passover was instituted to deliver the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt: Exodus […] Read more...

TAGS: Lent, Scripture, Theology

Jane found Mother Dimble an embarrassing person to share a room with because she said prayers. It was quite extraordinary, Jane thought, how this put one out. One didn’t know where to look, and it was so difficult to talk naturally again for several minutes after Mrs. Dimble had arisen from her knees.                         (That Hideous Strength, […] Read more...

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Due to a change in my work schedule, I was unable to attend Mass at my regular parish, and thus was thrust into the world of “Other Catholic Churches in Phoenix.” This is scarier than it sounds; I enjoy the reverence, the traditional music, the teaching atmosphere and the solemn sense of worship experienced at […] Read more...

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